Every day the crimes are increasing at a rapid rate and the people are becoming insecure of their lives in the capital city itself then what would be the condition of the other cities. There is a huge concern and question mark over these problems which are making headlines every day in every newspapers and news channels. Recently, there was molestation of women before a high end shopping mall which means even in these posh areas security is not good enough.

So, amidst people?s anger and dissatisfaction, the government now has to hang up the boots and is now taking some measures to ensure there is enough security on roads and public places where there are large crowds. They are installing CCTV cameras and other possible surveillance devices so that any suspicious activity or person can be thoroughly checked and can the possible threats can be tackled down with ease. Again, the winters are coming and there are a lot of road accidents to come with less visibility because of fog so the police department has to give a speed limit to the vehicles and keep camera check points to monitor the speed and can impose fine on over speeding vehicles.


And not only the government?s initiative is enough, the people should too participate in making the city?s society crime free and it can start right from the home. Spy cameras in Delhi are now easily available in Spy Shops which provide a lot of devices for different features like outdoor, indoor, night vision, etc and these can be smartly installed as many are available in wireless mode. These cameras can be set up at entry of every home. Then there are cameras for indoor which will enable the people to keep a watch on the servants and maids and these are also used to monitor kids as lot of parents are now working and the kids remain alone at home.

Again, cameras are also installed in places like offices, shops, showrooms and shopping malls etc because there is always a fear of robbery and if there is any such incidents then the devices will provide video footages to nab the culprits and recover the lost goods or money. Hospitals and hotels use these products for surveillance as they have large number of employees and other people who are in these places and surveillance is important in these places because there can be an emergency any moment and during emergencies one has no time to find where there is problem as in such situations every second counts. Not only Delhi, spy cameras in India should be vastly used so that our country can be crime free people can roam about freely without any fear.

Thus, everyone one should contribute in the safety and security of their own cities and these contributions will enable our country to be at peace.


Cameras to be installed in Kaziranga National Park

Poaching of the one horned rhinoceros has seen an increase in the last 3-4 months and so to stop the killings, the forest officials have decided to install CCTV cameras in areas of the forest where rhinos generally are found. The horns of the rhino are sold at a handsome amount in the underground markets which forces the poachers to kill them. Very few rhinos are left in the country, and that too if we lost them to the poachers then the coming generation will not be able see the beautiful creature.


Kaziranga already has been named in the World Heritage Site but then also the poachers are approaching and killing it and making it ranked as one of the endangered spices. We hope that the installation of the CCTV cameras can stop such merciless killings of the rhinos and once again their population will flourish in our country. These creatures always attracts tourist which helps in building our GDP.



Militants attack in J&K

Jammu & Kashmir has once again gone under attack from armed militants who fired in a police station in Kathua district. It proved to be a twin attack when there were reports of attack on an army camp in Samba district. At least 12 people have been killed in this attack where a lieutenant colonel of the Indian Army also has been killed and it is also said that 12 people have been killed.


The attackers have first fired at the police station at around 6.45am where they killed five cps and from there they went to the army camp and on the way they killed a lorry driver and his helper.


It is said the attack has been made to stop the meeting of PM of India Mr. Manmohan Singh and Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif which is scheduled for 29th September in the U.S.A.


Omar Abdullah was interviewed and he paid condolence to the families whose members were killed and also said that it was to derail the peace process between India and Pakistan.






Seeing Delhi?s increasing crimes cases, the Delhi Police department is seeking the help of spy cameras to tackle cases and problems regarding mobs and other volatile situation which erupting every now and then from nowhere.


The recent years saw large public gatherings be it protests or for any other political cause but one thing is sure that there will be chaos and confusion which often leads to mob violence where many are left injured and sometimes even lead to death and it is very difficult for the police to act quickly at that possible time. So, the Delhi police department is planning to install rotating CCTV cameras in their PCR vans which will allow them to take quick action by sending the required force according to the conditions.


And apart from that they are also planning to get cameras installed in busy public areas like markets, shopping malls, community centers etc where there are chances of mob gatherings.


So, the use of spy cameras will help the police department protect its citizens better from mob attacks and also it will help build better security and surveillance as it will catch every suspicious person and objects which will help the police department to prevent criminal activities from happening in our capital city.



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Spy Cameras are Presence in Our Daily Life

How spy cameras are making its presence in our daily life?


Spy cameras are the best covert devices found in today?s time as they are technologically sound and they provide a better safety and surveillance solution against the criminal activities which are going around in our country and is also increasing at a rapid speed. Somewhere, we can see that now they are almost used in our daily life.


A journalist uses a simple pen in his/her pocket which records their meetings and interviews secretly.


A spy or an undercover agent uses a button camera to get some evidence without letting others know about it.


A CCTV camera hidden in smoke detectors can help you keep an eye on your office.


A watch camera is used by agents, private detectives and youngsters because they are very useful in times of need and they also give fashion statements which are available in different coloursBefore-Sunrise.

There are also covert cameras which are installed in photo frames, wall clocks, table clocks which can be easily places at our homes and they will help us to watch our home even from our workplace or any other far off places.


The latest is the set top box camera which easily fits in at home or at office and after the digitalization of the cable TV it can be easily found in these areas.


So, we can see that these spy cameras are making a lot safer and that too at reasonable prices. Now, just go ahead and protect your family, friends and other valuables which you have treasured and earned with hard work by using these hi-tech gadgets and devices which are given by the advancement of science and technology.

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The long awaited verdict on the Delhi gang rape case came on the juvenile for whom the nation was waiting for a long time is out and the accused juvenile got a term of 3 years in a special house. On this the father of the victim who was termed as ?Nirbhaya? whose rape broke out a nationwide fearless protest of the civilians all over the country said that it is a crime to be born as a girl in our county and grief stricken mother said that it was better to let him go free rather than giving a sentence of 3 years.


Now, the verdict of the other three has to come out in mid September and the fifth accused committed suicide inside the jail premises some months ago.


We can feel the grief of the victim?s parents because though he was a juvenile we all know what kind inhumane crime he has committed and this verdict will soon be challenged by their parents as they felt that their daughter has not received proper justice with such a small imprisonment as it was clearly told that the juvenile took the centre stage when the crime was taking place.


This verdict is indeed not going well with the masses who had protested so hard against all odds for justice. We can just say that ?Nirbhaya? slept forever but by awakening a million in our country.



We at Action India Home Products are against all inhumane crimes and pray for a crime free society where every woman can live freely with dignity without being afraid of being out there alone while working or in any other activities because all human beings are equal.


Causes of the falling indian rupee

The rupee is falling big time and that too in record low which is indeed a cause of concern as suddenly there will be inflation all around the country for the increase of prices in petrol and diesel.

Indian Rupee Falling Down

Indian Rupee Falling Down

One of the main reasons of this situation is the government?s huge fiscal deficit which requires more dollars and other currencies for the government.


Another important reason is that India have the foreign reserve to import items are only for seven months which is hurting the rupee.


Our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is slowing down too which is around 5% and its hope of doing well is very rare which are making the foreign investors not invest looking in our market because of this slow growth.

RBI Protecting Rupee Falling Down

RBI Protecting Rupee Falling Down

India?s account deficit is always supported by the other countries so that we can survive and when the countries withdraw their money from us then our rupee goes weaker.

Moody's sign on 7 World Trade Center tower in New York

Moody’s sign on 7 World Trade Center tower in New York

And after the recession the US dollar is making a slow and steady growth which is making it stronger against other currencies including our rupee.

Why Every Time Indian Rupee Falling Down Against Dollar

Why Every Time Indian Rupee Falling Down Against Dollar

There is speculative trading going on in our country. It means there is a trade of future contracts which are undertaken to generate profit by re selling the contract but it is not going the way it should be.

Why Every Time Indian Rupee Falling Down Against Dollar

Why Every Time Indian Rupee Falling Down Against Dollar

So, these were some of the main reasons which are pulling the rupee down and the inflation is rising high and the main sufferers in this stage are the middle class societies and all lower income groups.


How Spy Cameras Hiddenly Looking into your Life?



Science is something when used by good minds can be a boon for the humankind but if it is used by notorious minds it create havoc and disaster for everyone. Likewise, the use of spy and hidden cameras, gadgets depends on the minds that use it. Some use it for safety and security for their loved ones, friends and property while can use it for notorious things like spying on others? personal lives and blackmailing them, cheating and such other activities.

disadvantages of spy cameras

disadvantages of spy cameras

Thus, these spy cameras and hidden cameras are mainly for assisting the spies and the secret agents in their work and also for the safety and protection of the common men.




So, whenever you feel you need anything regarding spy cameras, hidden cameras, special gadgets for spying and protection, we, Action India Home Products are always there for you with all these gadgets and their time to time innovations as with time the technology of these gadgets are improving fast.

Hidden Cams Spying in Home on Girls Recording Doing Hiddenly by Covert Cameras

Hidden Cams Spying in Home on Girls Recording Doing Hiddenly by Covert Cameras

We, have our E ? Commerce sites where you can find different type of gadgets and cameras. We have separate time for billing and timely delivery of the products that you order. We also have a separate customer care assistance which is always there for your service 24×7. We accept all credit / debit cards and all other net banking options available. We also provide cash on delivery options for our customers with free shipping all over India. Our most of the products comes with 1 year replacement warranty and we have almost every top brands available with us like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic etc.

Disadvantages of Hidden Spy Cameras they can even Break your Life or Can Make your Life Depends on you how you are using these Spy Devices

Disadvantages of Hidden Spy Cameras they can even Break your Life or Can Make your Life Depends on you how you are using these Spy Devices

We also have our spy shop in Delhi, Patel Nagar area where you can visit any time and see our innovative designs and products which will help you to live a safer life in very affordable prices.

Every Thing in your Hand with Spy Cameras you Can Every one to whom you want to Spy on Guys

Every Thing in your Hand with Spy Cameras you Can Every one to whom you want to Spy on Guys


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What are advantages of Spy Hidden Cameras?

Spy cameras and hidden cameras have a lot of advantages. As we all know that, every day the crimes are increasing and people constantly live in the fear of losing their loved ones and their hard earned wealth and property to these crimes which are increasing in an alarming speed.

Can You Find the Hidden Cameras

When the spies and secret service agents use spy cameras and spy gadgets to solve the crime cases and nab the culprits as soon as possible. With the use of spy cameras they are able to record evidences while interrogating the suspects and investigating on cases. With the different spy gadgets available they are able to escape from dangerous situations or call for help and support from his or her allies.


Again, when CCTV cameras and other hidden cameras are installed at homes ten it becomes a lot safer. Nowadays, mostly there are nuclear families, where both the parents work for their livelihood so when they leave for their workplaces the house is either empty or with their servants and maids. In this case if there is a burglary or robbery then there will be video footages of the culprits if there is a CCTV camera installed in the house. This will help the police to recognize the culprits and nab the culprits in a quick time and the financial loses can be recovered.


If we take another case, say if there is a child alone in the house then you will be keep an eye on the child. Nowadays, people hire a lot of care takers and nannies to take care of their child, but strangers are after all strangers only, you cannot trust on them and if there is a camera the video footages will help you to prevent the crime from happening.


In big corporate houses, banks, hospitals, hotels there are always CCTV cameras installed in every nook and corner of their premises so that they may be ready with every kind of emergencies and they can give top class service to their customers and their service do the word of mouth for them and their service become a brand in itself.


Many offices install CCTV cameras and hidden cameras to keep an eye on their employees because when the boss or the manager is not around then the employees take it lightly and don?t do their job with the same amount of dedication and hard work and if they are monitored well then the quality of work remains same even if the boss is not around because they are being watched by the cameras.

Hidden Spy Camera

Hidden Spy Camera

Same goes with the households, as installation of hidden cameras and CCTV cameras help the owners to keep an eye on their servants and maids and if they know they are being monitored then they their job sincerely.

Audio Devices For Secreat Listining

Audio Devices For Secret Listening

Likewise, there are many more advantages that people can benefit from when they install CCTV cameras, hidden cameras, spy cameras and other gadgets in their homes, offices, showrooms, shopping malls, banks, shops, hotels, hospitals, internet cafes, parking grounds etc.



Nowadays, even the government installs CCTV cameras in some public places to keep an eye on the people and check if there is any violation of law and order and if there is then they can take quick action on it.

Usb Audio Hidden Devices

Usb Audio Hidden Devices


Action India Home Products Spying Gadgets Company

Action India Home Products is a name to reckon with when it comes to spy cameras and gadgets. It has been serving the people of India with its latest inventions and innovative way to bring more and more hi tech spying gadgets and making the life of the people more protective and a lot safer. It?s been a long 17 years of service to the people yet it didn’t compromised in the quality of its products and service as it always? thinks of serving better to you each and every day.

Action India Home Products

Action India Home Products

What are spy cameras?

Action India Home Products

Action India Home Products

Spy cameras are a little different from the regular normal cameras. Spy cameras are normally used for recording events, interviews, meetings etc without prior knowledge to anyone about its recording. It is mostly used to take evidences, do sting operations, for protection against theft, burglary or any other crime, keeping eye on children, staff, servants etc.