cctv cameras installed for better security in delhi india

CCTV cameras are always the best form of security and surveillance. In offices, public places, shopping malls we can see there are always these cameras which keep these places safe and so we should also use them at our homes, neighbourhood, community halls etc so that the crimes can be stopped and it is our duty to keep these places safe. When we start something it is always small but it grow bigger slowly; likewise, when we start the safety procedures it will be in a small area but slowly people will learn from it and spread it in their own societies which will gradually help to have crime free societies all over the country.


Last March, terrorist groups were threatening to blow up temples in Gujarat but due to quick action from the police department which installed CCTV cameras in those temples and such the bombings never happened because of the tight security and surveillance provided by the CCTV cameras which captured every single person entering and leaving the temples and any if there was anything suspicious then it reported for quick action and thus saved the temples from being blown up.


Now, metro stations, markets, even roads are being monitored by CCTV cameras which are a great help to the people department in keeping the cities safe and secure from any kind of criminal activities.



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