CCTV security increases in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has been victimized by the Indian Mujahedeen with its repeated terror attacks on the state and this has forced the CM N Kiran Kumar Reddy to take steps to work towards the safety and security of the citizens.


It is seen that the city has grown densely populated than before and the police citizen ratio is very low. So, it has been declared that 5000 CCTV cameras will be installed in and around the city to track down suspicious activities and persons. It will help to minimize the terror threats and the police will able to react at the earliest possible time.


It has also been installed to make sure there is communal harmony all around the city. The CM also stated that his government is working on a safe city project which will work to eradicate crime from the city and make it one of the safest places of India. He has also claimed that no riots has occurred since 2002 in the state which shows that the government?s work has been working well and in future it will work harder to make Hyderabad safe and secure for all.


We, all hope for the same as with the start in Hyderabad, safety and peace reaches to every corner of our country.

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