Every day the crimes are increasing at a rapid rate and the people are becoming insecure of their lives in the capital city itself then what would be the condition of the other cities. There is a huge concern and question mark over these problems which are making headlines every day in every newspapers and news channels. Recently, there was molestation of women before a high end shopping mall which means even in these posh areas security is not good enough.

So, amidst people?s anger and dissatisfaction, the government now has to hang up the boots and is now taking some measures to ensure there is enough security on roads and public places where there are large crowds. They are installing CCTV cameras and other possible surveillance devices so that any suspicious activity or person can be thoroughly checked and can the possible threats can be tackled down with ease. Again, the winters are coming and there are a lot of road accidents to come with less visibility because of fog so the police department has to give a speed limit to the vehicles and keep camera check points to monitor the speed and can impose fine on over speeding vehicles.


And not only the government?s initiative is enough, the people should too participate in making the city?s society crime free and it can start right from the home. Spy cameras in Delhi are now easily available in Spy Shops which provide a lot of devices for different features like outdoor, indoor, night vision, etc and these can be smartly installed as many are available in wireless mode. These cameras can be set up at entry of every home. Then there are cameras for indoor which will enable the people to keep a watch on the servants and maids and these are also used to monitor kids as lot of parents are now working and the kids remain alone at home.

Again, cameras are also installed in places like offices, shops, showrooms and shopping malls etc because there is always a fear of robbery and if there is any such incidents then the devices will provide video footages to nab the culprits and recover the lost goods or money. Hospitals and hotels use these products for surveillance as they have large number of employees and other people who are in these places and surveillance is important in these places because there can be an emergency any moment and during emergencies one has no time to find where there is problem as in such situations every second counts. Not only Delhi, spy cameras in India should be vastly used so that our country can be crime free people can roam about freely without any fear.

Thus, everyone one should contribute in the safety and security of their own cities and these contributions will enable our country to be at peace.


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